Some Words About My Work

Profile picture of Artist Amy Sun Ah of Sun Ah Blair Jewelry

Hi! I'm Amy Sun Ah,


I work in Polymer clay, and I use fabric images and faux wood techniques. I love what I do, I hope you like it too!


My work  is heavily influenced by Japanese  culture and design aesthetics both traditional and modern day. I like to pull concepts from Japanese street style, architecture, and landscape.  I've been experimenting with Scandinavian design too and sort of combining the two. But most importantly: I like to make happy things! My designs aren't meant to be taken too seriously, I have a lot of fun with them and I want them to reflect that :)


Jewelry is so exciting to me because it's a way to start conversations and express how you feel.  Statement pieces can literally speak without words.  Each day is a new opportunity to show the world your story told through the tiniest of canvases.


instagram  @Sunahblairjewelry