Some Words About Me

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I’ve always loved making. Those childhood memories involving crayons, clay, and finger paint always make me smile inwardly: Who knew that this was training for my current life today? My obsession with making small objects turned from clay Lion King figurines to pendants, drawing leopard spots to fabric patterns (as you can tell, I was obsessed with cats). I’m uncertain about many things in life, but I’m 100% certain of one thing: I was born to create.






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Some words about my work

Sun ah Blair sketches from her daily sketch book




Polymer clay fills my day,

using fabric and wood,

both are good.



I work in Polymer clay, and I use fabric images and faux wood techniques. I love polymer clay because it's very forgiving. It allows me to experiment over and over again to get a design just the way I want it. I also love the light weight quality it brings to my designs.  



My work  is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and aesthetic both traditional and modern day. I like to pull concepts from Japanese street style, architecture, and landscape. I like to make happy things! I also make a lot of flowers.



Jewelry is so exciting to me because each day is a new opportunity to show the world a story told through the tiniest of canvases. It's a way to start conversations and to express how you feel.



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